Charles BlumPresident
Over four decades as a diplomat, trade negotiator, and Washington consultant, Charles H. Blum has played an innovative role in American trade and competitiveness issues. He brings intellectual rigor, political acumen, and a sound understanding of law and economics to the solution of public policy problems.

Mr. Blum has served as President of International Advisory Services Group since its founding in 1988. A leading boutique consultancy in the trade and competitiveness area, IAS has a proven track record of problem-solving in steel trade, the use of trade laws and international negotiations, and coalition-building.


Our Valuable Team Members

Carolyn AmonVice President, Trade and Energy
Carolyn Amon is vice president for trade and energy at International Advisory Services Group. Ms. Amon focuses on issues that lie at the nexus of international trade and energy policy, including manufacturing competitiveness and the deployment of renewable energy and alternative fuel technologies.
Dr. Xin LiuDirector, China Business
Dr. Liu is in charge of our China related business and education consulting project. With sophisticated understanding of politics, culture and how business is conducted in China, he has worked closely with friends and clients from the central and provincial governments, business and academia.
Claire Yiyao MaSenior Analyst, International Trade and Investment
Claire Yiyao Ma is a Senior Analyst for international trade and investment at IAS Group. She is proficient in financial analysis, including revenue forecasting, project evaluation, and business planning for international investments. She continuously tracks global trade and investment activities especially M&A with a special focus on the US and China and provides strategic solutions to clients’ investment needs.
Lin GePolicy and Business Advisor
Lin Ge serves as a policy and business advisor for IAS Group, specializing in economic and financial policy analysis and interpretation. At the same time, he holds a position at China Global Television Network (CGTN) America in Washington DC. Mr. Lin Ge has been active in business talks between the US and China, and has frequently joined policy events held by institutes around Washington DC including World Bank, CEPR and CSIS.