Carolyn Amon, Vice President, Trade and Energy

Carolyn Amon is vice president for trade and energy at International Advisory Services Group. Ms. Amon focuses on issues that lie at the nexus of international trade and energy policy, including manufacturing competitiveness and the deployment of renewable energy and alternative fuel technologies. She regularly analyzes and advises clients on developments in global energy and steel markets. She closely tracks U.S. trade data and regulations, and has contributed to legal briefs for International Trade Commission hearings on antidumping and countervailing duties. She has drafted multiple IAS briefing books for industry study missions to China as well as a series of studies on energy investment opportunities in emerging markets. Ms. Amon is currently on leave but will return back to IAS when necessary.

Ms. Amon serves as editor-in-chief of AFV Insider, a new quarterly publication and web-based service that tracks alternative fuel vehicle market, policy, and technology developments around the world. She also serves on the board of the Electric Auto Association.

Ms. Amon holds an M.A. with honors from the Universities of Sciences Po Paris, Siena, and Bath. She received her B.A. phi beta kappa from the George Washington University. Additionally she studied in Poland and Russia. She is fluent in English, French, Russian, Polish and Italian, and is currently learning Chinese.