Incredible, Shrinking American Middle Class

Eduardo Porter’s analysis in the October 30 New York Times explains a lot about what ails America – and what fuels the sense of frustration, anxiety and anger in America these days. Under the headline “Richer But Not Better Off,” he makes a number of crucially important points:

Despite recent gains, American prosperity is not widely […]

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Thanks to a recent study by SolarPulse, a Denver-based energy company, I’ve begun to reexamine some of my assumptions about the politics of solar energy. For a long time, I’ve accepted the “conventional wisdom” that Republicans in general are skeptical about global warming and cool to solar energy while Democrats in general hold the opposite […]

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Straight Talk On Currency Misalignment

Straight Talk On Currency Misalignment

By Charles Blum

May 20, 2015    Volume 22, No. 7

Manufacturing and Technology News

Americans spend most of their lives in a dollar-denominated world and don’t have as much experience with foreign currencies as non-Americans have with dollars. As a result, much of our public discourse on currency issues over many years has […]

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Projecting The Status Quo, Charles Blum

So, President Obama thinks that anyone who questions the opaque Trans-Pacific Partnership is in effect arguing for perpetuating the “status quo.” (See today’s Washington Post: A while back, he charged critics of the TPP and its baby sister the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with complaining about issues that […]

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It pained me to read in today’s New York Times Sunday Business section a stinging critique of America’s retirement system.  A Dutch pension specialist is quoted:  “The rest of the world sort of laughs at the United States – how can a great country get so many things wrong?”

Retirement security is of course a big […]

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Every Saturday evening, Garrison Keillor regales his NPR audience with tales from his fictional hometown of Lake Wobegon, the “little town that time forgot.”  In that mythical place on the edge of the prairie, “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

In the real and […]

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In an item entitled “American Idiocracy,” the columnist known as Schumpeter wrote in The Economist dated August 13: “American politicians are intent, not on improving their country’s competitiveness, but on gouging each other’s eyes out.” That apt phrase explains the universally low regard in which Americans hold both parties, both houses of Congress and the […]

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The Electric Hedge

New cars and new technology command hefty price premiums. To the chagrin of green-but-not-gold revolutionaries, the groundbreaking Leaf and Volt are necessarily new on both fronts for the time being. Nissan’s all-electric (EV) Leaf topped the U.S. News & World Report’s “upscale” small car list this year; it carries a $32,780 starting price tag.GM’s extended-range […]

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The initial reaction of the stock market to today’s employment report was quite positive. Certainly, the mood was brightened by yesterday’s sharp correction in petroleum prices, and we all know not to make too much of a single month’s data. So, let’s not gloat over this accomplishment, either.

In fact, I am more disturbed than heartened […]

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These are discouraging days for anyone seriously concerned about the future of our country. In the aftermath of last month’s electoral upheaval, both parties seem hell-bent on misinterpreting the message from the people – those that voted and the many that didn’t. The fact is that most Americans failed to support either party – and […]

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