How can we hope for any meaningful agreement to rebalance the lop-sided international trade system when heads of state and talking heads, finance ministers and financial gurus condemn deficit countries (i.e. the USA) in terms that ought to be reserved for surplus countries (China in particular)? One key to success at this week’s G-20 summit […]

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This week’s election results – especially the sweeping Republican gains in the House of Representatives and governorships across the country – will be analyzed for years to come. Many observers attribute the Republican tsunami to widespread anger with the Obama/Pelosi agenda. In particular, health care and cap and trade legislation are often singled out. Yet […]

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Multitasking in individuals is controversial. Some people glory in their professed ability to juggle multiple chores simultaneously. Others deny that anyone can do full justice to two things at once, much less three or four. Whatever the truth, a more mindful approach to life’s problems can be more fulfilling and less stressful for individuals. As […]

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Jim O’Neill, chief economist at Goldman Sachs, put in his two cents’ worth to the currency debate in a April 1 Financial Times op ed entitled “Tough talk on China ignores economic reality.” His argument seems to be:

• At 14-15 percent, China’s annual domestic demand growth is “too strong,” adding to inflationary pressures in China.
• […]

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The Wall Street Journal reported last weekend that Caterpillar is the latest American producer to shift production from abroad back to the United States. Cat’s new US plant — at a location still to be decided –.will manufacture excavators formally produced in Japan and an older plant in Aurora, Illinois. The result could be a […]

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Electrifying our National Strategy

Warren Buffett predicts that we’ll all be driving electric vehicles (EVs) in 20 years. The Oracle of Omaha knows a thing or two about sound investments and he’s placing his bets on EVs. It makes economic, environmental and energetic sense. What doesn’t make sense is the dismal record of Buffett’s native land to capitalize on […]

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Late one foggy, drizzly evening, an alpha male motorist became hopelessly lost in the crisscross maze of streets in the nation’s capital. Perilously low on gas, he pulled into a filling station. Bemoaning the inflated cost of fuel, he filled the tank with the cheapest grade. He decided to buy a new set of windshield […]

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Imagine a circus act in which the high-wire artist tried to maintain balance by keeping his body stiff and his knees locked. The rigidity of the effort would be laughable, at least until he lost his balance and fell.

Yet, in all seriousness, the Chinese leadership repeats that its rigid currency policy, which has frozen the […]

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My Saturday breakfast was brightened a bit by a news item in the Wall Street Journal (“House Helps to Pick College Football No. 1”). It seems a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee found the time and the will this week to vote to force a national college football play-off. A full committee […]

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Last week’s finger-pointing session before the Joint Economic Committee of the Congress actually gives me some hope. Not because the criticism of Treasury Secretary Geithner and the administration as a whole was all that fair or balanced. Not because Geithner’s defense was all that convincing. And certainly not because anyone on either side had much […]

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