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In May 2017, IAS President Charles Blum was interviewed by CCTV, talking about Belt & Road initiative. 

“I am so impressed for the idea of “interconnected development”. Sometimes we talk about globalization, it sounds like it’s only for big companies, big multinationals seeking all the benefits. This concept is much more interesting and much more relevant to the real needs of people throughout the world. We need to develop in a way that is interconnected. That’s such a very powerful idea.

We have a global economy that is interconnected in so many ways. So we should find ways and we should find areas in which we can cooperate in ways that have never been done before. That require the US to be a good partner in this effort. I think one big missing piece right now is America. So I am very excited that over time we might have this opportunity to start doing some great things together.”

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In April 2017, IAS President Charles Blum appeared on “Arizona Energy Crossroads,” a program hosted by Ari-SEIA Executive Director Lucy Mason     (  They discussed how the Arizona solar community might more effectively advocate for public policies.  The discussion was aired on the K-JAZZ Public Radio Network across Northern Arizona.


In September 2015 IAS President Charles Blum met with officials of the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission in Nanjing. At the same time, IAS concluded a cooperation agreement with Madame Zheng Xiaorong, head of the Jiangsu Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association.


In October 2015, IAS President Charles Blum conducted a three-day seminar on international trade for a visiting delegation from China’s Finance Ministry. The seminar was arranged by FCC International and conducted with the assistance of Policy Connections International in Boston, Massachusetts.

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IAS in the News

IAS has been interviewed or quoted by the following publications: American Metal Market; Bloomberg; China Daily; 21st Century Business Herald; Dow Jones; Ejecutivos de Finanza (Mexico City); Financial Times; Inside US Trade; Metal Center News; Modern Metals; National Journal; New York Times; Reuters; Steel Business Briefing; Congress Daily; The Nelson Report; Voice of America; Wall Street Journal; and Washington Post. Charles Blum, IAS President, has also appeared on ABC Evening News, CNN, C-Span, News Channel Asia (Singapore) and national television stations in Hungary, Indonesia and Uruguay.