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In September 2015 IAS President Charles Blum met with officials of the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission in Nanjing. At the same time, IAS concluded a cooperation agreement with Madame Zheng Xiaorong,head of the Jiangsu Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association.
In October 2015, IAS President Charles Blum conducted a three-day seminar on international trade for a visiting delegation from China’s Finance Ministry. The seminar was arranged by FCC International and conducted with the assistance of Policy Connections International in Boston, Massachusetts.
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IAS in the News

IAS has been interviewed or quoted by the following publications: American Metal Market; Bloomberg; China Daily; 21st Century Business Herald; Dow Jones; Ejecutivos de Finanza (Mexico City); Financial Times; Inside US Trade; Metal Center News; Modern Metals; National Journal; New York Times; Reuters; Steel Business Briefing; Congress Daily; The Nelson Report; Voice of America; Wall Street Journal; and Washington Post. Charles Blum, IAS President, has also appeared on ABC Evening News, CNN, C-Span, News Channel Asia (Singapore) and national television stations in Hungary, Indonesia and Uruguay.