Coalition Building

Issue advocacy is often best served through coalitions of like-minded groups. Sometimes existing broad-based organizations such as the National Association of Manufacturers can be used. Other times, new coalitions must be formed. IAS has initiated and become charter members of several successful coalitions.  In the process, we developed close partnerships with key U.S. government agencies, members of Congress, and the media.  We also have extensive experience in preparing testimony on trade and tax issues for delivery to the House Ways and Means and Small Business Committees, the Senate Finance and Banking Committees, the Congressional Steel Caucus, the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, and the Canadian Parliamentary Steel Caucus.

  • IAS helped to found, develop and lead the Coalition for a Prosperous America(CPA), a unique coalition of farmers, ranchers, labor and manufacturers that seeks a profound change in US public policies to reverse our persistent trade deficits and progressively reduce our foreign debt. The CPA seeks to combine grass-roots activism and inside-the-Beltway educational and lobbying efforts.
  • On behalf of the CPA, IAS played a leading role in convening two “Coalition of Coalitions” meetings that produced the consensus document “Fixing America’s Economy.”
  • When the Fair Currency Coalition(FCC) needed to counter currency misalignment, IAS took the lead in developing a coordinated legislative and public relations strategy that generated huge bipartisan support for bills in the House and Senate.
  • When domestic manufacturers needed support for policies to promote manufacturing in the U.S., IAS volunteered to serve on NAM committees on international economic policy, trade law enforcement, China trade, the US-EU trade relationship, and tax policy.r
  • To promote better understanding of international tax issues, IAS has created and delivered presentations to a number of industry and civic groups. Click on the following link for a sample of our work on tax.