International Trade and Investment Assistance

IAS seeks to promote sound, mutually beneficial investment and commercial ties between American and foreign parties.  We have focused on the special challenges encountered in emerging markets and increasingly have focused on the energy sector.

  • When a Japanese motor equipment manufacturer needed an assessment of the likely economic and political development of newly independent Central and Eastern European states, IAS prepared a country by country report that correctly predicted the varying rates of economic and public policy.
  • When H.J. Heinz wanted to acquire a facility in the Czech Republic, IAS researched the potential targets, assessed their viability and successfully managed the acquisition over a 22-month period.
  • When several Czech enterprises wanted a foreign partner to help them privatize, IAS led the search, facilitating due diligence by coordinating the efforts of technical, legal and accounting experts and participating in public hearings on privatization of one of the enterprises.
  • When the developer of renewable energy projects in California sought partners for engineering, construction and financing, IAS identified several of the largest Chinese solar companies, established relations with them and facilitated communications between the American and Chinese parties.
  • When Arizona’s solar energy industry encountered difficulties on public policy issues, IAS began to work with the industry to develop a pro-solar policy for the state, a more robust advocacy function to mobilize public opinion in favor of it and an assessment of the role that foreign investment might play in it.
  • When a U.S. textile distributor needed reliable source of supply in Central Europe, IAS identified and assessed the potential suppliers, helped negotiate production contracts, and oversaw the production and export program over a multiyear period.
  • When a food producer in the Czech Republic sought to enter the North American market, IAS brokered a series of transactions with fruit juice producers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • When an auto distributor in Eastern Europe sought to import Chinese-made vehicles, IAS researched the Chinese industry, facilitated a series of plant visits, and helped negotiate a series of purchase contracts.