Issue Advocacy

IAS devises and implements strategies for influencing public policy, while promoting a deeper understanding and more favorable image of clients. Our work has been recognized by the  American Society of Association Executives and is based on: solid substantive expertise on the issues; extensive contacts in industry, the media and government; and broad experience in public speaking and public testimony. In the process, we maintain liaison with U.S. industry producers, distributors, and consumers, the media, key U.S. government agencies (White House, USTR, DOC, State, Treasury, Justice, Labor, and the USITC), and both houses of Congress. We have delivered hundreds of speeches to industry, academic, and political groups. We also have experience testifying on trade, industry, and tax issues before the US International Trade Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Trade Policy Staff Committee, the Senate Finance and Banking Committees, the House Ways and Means and Small Business Committees, the Congressional Steel Caucus, the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, and the Canadian Parliamentary Steel Caucus.  IAS is registered as a lobbyist for the Coalition for a Prosperous America, the European Confederation of Steel Industries, Go Green Auto Centers, and the Tooling, Manufacturing and Technologies Association.

  • To curb subsidies and import surges in the steel sector, IAS developed in detail the concept of a multilateral steel agreement.
  • IAS prepared and delivered testimony and written briefs for a major foreign industry association at USITC cases on all phases of Section 201 investigations on steel products.
  • For a domestic trade association, IAS helped to organize and chair a series of town-hall meetings relating to the renewal of, and changes to, the steel Voluntary Restraint Agreement in 1988-89. For this effort, the trade association won an award from the American Society of Association Executives.
  • To promote greater public understanding of need for fundamental tax reform, IAS has made presentations to industry and civic organizations in many sectors and regions.
  • IAS drafted testimony for a domestic manufacturer, explaining to the Ways and Means trade subcommittee the trade impact of Mexico’s adoption of a value-added tax.
  • As a leader of the Fair Currency Coalition, IAS built and maintains its website and blog, produces regular commentary and analysis, and works closely with relevant Congressional and Executive Branch offices.
  • To enable clients to leverage limited resources, IAS developed the concept of “Virtual Advocacy” for educational, decision-making, and lobbying applications.